OLEO Chemical Products

We strive to keep these products in stock and available at any time, however this is a rapidly moving industry and there is a chance that these products may be temporarily out of stock. Please call to verify availability.
  • Soy acid oil (Brazil, USA)
  • Palm acid oil (Malaysia, Columbia)
  • Mixed acid oil (Brazil)
  • Soy fatty acid distillate (Brazil)
  • Palm fatty acid distillate (Malaysia, Columbia)
  • Coconut fatty acid distillate (Philippines)
  • Fatty alcohol ~ c12-c14, c16-c18~ (Thailand, Philippines)
  • Crude glycerin ~20%-50%, 51%-79%, 80%+, Kosher grades~ (USA, Canada, Brazil, China, Australia, Etc.)
  • Refined Glycerin ~98%, 99%+, Pharma grades, Tech grades~ (Thailand, China, Korea, Brazil)
  • Virgin vegetable oils ~soy, canola, rapeseed, palm, coconut, sunflower, Etc~
  • Tallow ~ Beef, pork, sheep (USA, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand)
  • Methyl Ester ~FAME, SME, PME, TME, C16, Etc (USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Australia, Etc)
  • Stearic Acid Pharma grade, rubber grade (Korea, China, Thailand)
  • Ethanol Fuel grade, Technical grade, food grade (USA, Brazil, EU)
  • Methanol (Trinidad, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Iran) 
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